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Custom music on the spot that doesn’t break the bank. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! It would be our pleasure to have your mix ready at the completion of your choreography session so that you can go to work getting your athletes prepped for competition season! Adam, with a certificate in Recording Arts and certified in Pro Tools, can customize your mix with songs, voiceovers, raps, and sound effects. Check out these samples!


Adam’s apprenticeship with Industry Legend Kenny Feeley, has resulted in a ever-growing hunger for more and more knowledge and applications of stunting techniques. He has a fantastic way of engaging the athletes in the drills that will ultimately serve as the core to their stunting progressions. And he literally has a drill for EVERY problem your groups are having. Challenge him! He’s up for it and can’t wait to share with your athletes so they can advance their skillset! One of our most highly sought after classes is our kick-single progression course. This is a 16-step progression that allows an athlete to go from never having done the skill before to perfectly executed tosses in the mastery of the steps.


We will review your gym processes, systems, layout, space maximization, lesson plans, employee experience, finances, etc. to reveal the places in your business that require the most focus. Book a zoom call to discuss plans on how to work towards goals in some of these areas!

**FSS does not offer regular Business Coaching support. Gym reviews and zoom sessions are isolated bookings.**


Let us express your team’s story through use of skills, movement, and flair. “Creating something beautiful and dynamic out of the raw ingredients of passionate athletes and coaches is what really excites me,” Jess says.  With 17 years of experience choreographing routines (some that have won Summit, Cheersport, and NCA), Jess is ready to make your visions come to life! Included is a year-long commitment to you as a consultant for routine feedback and small tweaks. We know that a season is a marathon, not a sprint. And we want to be there with you until you cross that finish line. See a few of Jess’ routines below.



With over 30 years of combined experience, Jess & Adam are respected in the sport for their knowledge, focus on progressions, and their rapport with children of all ages. Adam’s favorite experience thus far as a clinician was being able to work with Australian athletes in Feb 2020 at Nfinity’s Generation Next Camp. Our favorite saying about tumbling progression is, “slower is faster, and faster is slower.” We take our time to make sure that the athletes AND COACHES fully understand the dynamics, the drills, the shapes, and the techniques so that when we leave, you are set up for success!


If there is one thing you CANNOT skip at the start of a season, it’s this! Whether you run your own or hire us to manage it, getting all of your staff on the same page from the get-go is absolutely crucial to a successful season with the least amount of hiccups. We have run many of these and can even do them virtually! Our version of staff training can and will be catered to your needs but could include:
– Stunt Training
– Tumbling Coach Training with Spotting Clinics
– Cheer Team Coach Training (How to run an effective practice)
– Personal Mission statement development
– Staff Expectations (Parent/Athlete communication, Appearance, Inter-Staff Communication)



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