Capital District Coaches Training

Join our upcoming coaches training in Albany! 
Our training will cover topics such as stunt progressions, Jump progressions, Practice plans, and creating an intentional group culture! 

June 19, 2023 5-9pm

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Schedule for the Training

Get ready for our upcoming webinar program, featuring expert insights and practical tips to help you succeed in your field. Join us to learn, network, and grow your career!
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Practice Plans

We will talk not only about how to schedule an efficient practice, but also how those practice plans should change from month to month, depending on the time of year and what you are prepping for! Preparation is so key to successful season!

Jump Training

In order to excel in jumps, they must be trained consistently. Learn the jump progressions that, if implemented at practices, will improve your athlete's technique and height on jumps! 

Stunting Progressions!

Adam will get us started with stunt progressions that have proven successful nation-wide. Learn his 10 Stunt Rules and how to implement them in drills that will allow your cheerleaders to do the stunts that score highest for NYS! 

Culture Creations

Be intentional about the values and atmosphere you choose to form your squad from. The athletes will be receptive if there is a clear and identifiable vision for the team that they can work to align themselves with! We will brainstorm ideas about the kind of culture you want (and the one that you don't want!)

Q & A

Ask us anything! What do you need more knowledge on? What are your obstacles for this upcoming season and can we help you solve any problems? 

Meet Our Speaker

Adam Forte is the co-owner of Forte Spirit Solutions, through which he consults gym owners and coaches on Coaches Training, Curriculum development, Stunting and Tumbling training, and Music production. Adam was also a gym owner and director with his wife Jessica, of Cheer Intensity for 16 years. Adam and Jessica built their gym from the ground up in an area “unpopular" in cheerleading - Albany, NY. This has given Adam experience to help gym owners, coaches, and athletes across the world grow programs from the ground up in a creative and efficient way. Adam has coached multiple teams to victories at the Summit, NCA Nationals, and place in the top 10 at the cheerleading worlds.
Adam operates out of a place of service, sharing his knowledge and experience in the industry by leading gym owners and coaches in creating efficient, productive, and strong systems that promote success and longevity!