Hone the Craft with the most effective training available!
Are you looking to expand your knowledge as a choreographer? Do you want to have a system for creating routines from scratch? Do you want to be able to alter your own routines more effectively? Does hands-on experience and in-person mentorship entice you? Then this course is for you! 

Sept 21 12-8pm 

Crimson Heat Phoenix
Stockport,SK7 5DA

£70/person (Early Bird)

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Tentative Schedule for the Training

Get ready for the most jam-packed choreography training available!

12pm-12:30- Welcome and How to start
12:30-1:00- Stunt Choreo 
1:00-1:45- Stunt choreo with groups
1:45-2:15- Jump Sections
2:15-2:45- Create your own jump section
2:45-3:15- Standing tumbling
3:15-3:45- create a standing section 
3:45-4:15- Running tumbling 
4:15-4:45- Create a running tumbling section
4:45-5:15- Pyramids! (recommend bringing something to eat during this session)
5:15-6:15- Build pyramids together
6:15-6:45- Dance
6:45-7:15- Dance (on your feet!)
7:15-7:45- Openings
7:45-8- Q&A

Meet Our Instructors

Jess Forte is the Owner of Forte Spirit Solutions. She has 20 years of experience in Choreography. Her routines have won The Summit, NCA, and Cheersport and placed Top 10 at the Cheerleading Worlds. She is the mastermind behind this Immersive and is motivated to teach the systems that she's created so that you can use your passion to create great routines!