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Basket Tosses A-Z

A comprehensive deep dive into everything tosses! Adam takes you through all the progressions from drills, to straight rides, to kick doubles!

2 Hours


Level 1 stunt progressions and terms

What's included?

For Any Size Staff

You will have the ability to add as many staff members to the course as needed!


Coaches will test their mastery of the material with quizzes after each section! 

Discuss with Others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, and ask questions!

Keep Track of your Coaches' Progress!

Each staff member will be able to keep track of their progress within the platform, and so will the gym owner! 

Resource Guide

Have all of the progressions Adam gives you on hand for effective implementation!

Patrick Jones - Course author


Stunting & Tumbling Expert and Enthusiast
Adam is the owner of Forte Spirit Solutions. She has also owned and operated a gym in Albany, NY by the name of Intensity Athletics for 17 years. Adam has worked with and learned from the best instructors in the industry. Motivating and leading athletes as well as coaches and gym owners in the techniques of stunting and tumbling is a passion he has held for many years. He is a specialist in positioning, progressions, practice structures, and athlete optimization.