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Level 1 & 2 Stunting and Tumbling

A comprehensive overview of stunting and tumbling techniques for level 1 and 2. This is great for new staff members to take while onboarding, or as a refresher for veteran staff members! 

6 Hours



What's Included?

For Any Size Staff

You will have the ability to add as many staff members to the course as needed! 

Track their progress

Coaches will be tagged with your gym so you will be able to see how they do on the quizzes!


Coaches will test their mastery of the material with quizzes after each section! 

Discuss with Others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, and ask questions!
Patrick Jones - Course author


Stunting & Tumbling Expert and Enthusiast
Adam Forte is the co-owner of Forte Spirit Solutions, through which he consults gym owners and coaches on Coaches Training, Curriculum development, Stunting and Tumbling training, and Music production. Adam was also a gym owner and director with his wife Jessica, of Cheer Intensity for 16 years. Adam and Jessica built their gym from the ground up in an area “unpopular" in cheerleading - Albany, NY. This has given Adam experience to help gym owners, coaches, and athletes across the world grow programs from the ground up in a creative and efficient way. Adam has coached multiple teams to victories at the Summit, NCA Nationals, and place in the top 10 at the cheerleading worlds.
Adam operates out of a place of service, sharing his knowledge and experience in the industry by leading gym owners and coaches in creating efficient, productive, and strong systems that promote success and longevity!