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Routine Review

Let us put an eye to your routine to spice up or clean up transitions, elements, formations, etc!

Please include a recent video of your team and some pain points that you are struggling with.
Jess will spend a half-hour reviewing your routine, and a half-hour on a zoom call with screen share, discussing some ideas for ways to improve or spice up your routine! Please purchase one per routine you want reviewed! 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Jess Forte

Choreographer, Stunt & Tumble Expert and Enthusiast
Jess is the owner of Forte Spirit Solutions. She has also owned and operated a gym in Albany, NY by the name of Intensity Athletics for 17 years. She has choreographed hundreds of routines in her 19 years at the craft. Jess' routines have won multiple Championships at NCA, Cheersport, and The Summit. What really sets Jess apart is her ability to assess a team and provide the "just right" routine for them!