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Tumbling Spotting Training

Jess Forte goes in-depth through a multitude of tumbling skills levels 1 through 5. She explains techniques that work for her and when and where to spot the athletes!



Levels 1-5

Patrick Jones - Course author

Jess Forte

Choreographer, Stunt & Tumble Expert and Enthusiast
Jess is the owner of Forte Spirit Solutions. She has also owned and operated a gym in Albany, NY by the name of Intensity Athletics for 17 years. Jess prides herself in safe and smart tumbling progressions. She has honed the craft of tumbling over 20 years. Her favorite thing is to figure out a drill that will treat a specific problem that an athlete is having in tumbling. She believes in spotting only to the extent of keeping the athlete safe and allowing them to feel the shapes (not doing the skill for the athlete). She believes ANYONE who is motivated can learn to spot!