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Flyer School 

Being a flyer takes extra time and training on the “off” hours. Join us each month for a new curriculum that takes the athlete through each body position in addition to strengthening drills and conditioning to prepare them for success in flying! **This subscription is for individual athletes who's gyms are not a Forte Spirit Member Gym. 
If you are a gym owner, contact us to get enrolled in our Skills School and we can also get your gym set up for flyer school! 
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Customize Your Flyer Workouts to fit your schedule!


Everything you need to schedule and implement a plan to become the flyer you CAN be!

4 unique videos uploaded monthly

1 of each- Front Flex, Back Flex, Overall Flex, Stability 

Customizable Calendar 

Stay on top of your flyer workout schedule! We recommend scheduling at least 3 videos/ week! 

Warm-up Video

Use this to warm-up before each specific Flyer Workout

Progress Pictures!

Upload your progress pictures and save them on your account! 


Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, share your wins! 

 Calling all Flyers!

This course WILL get you the results you desire for your team. Start your transformation today!