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Forte Fit

Forte Fit is a course completely dedicated to the optimization of the cheerleader as a high level athlete. Learn how to strengthen your body for Jumps, Stunts, and Tumbling passes. A first of its kind in the worldwide cheerleading Industry, Forte Fit is designed as your in house personal trainer and strength coach, intended to streamline the most important of basics for all coaches, athlete strength and fitness. Forte Fit will provide tailored workouts for stunt group positions, routine sections, team workouts, warm ups, home workouts and more.
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Everything you need to improve your athletes strength and fitness in one place. Including bonus educational content on how to make the most of strength and conditioning in your gym.

Weekly Workouts

Starting with our Intro workouts Stunt Strong, then moving into Tumble, Jump, Shape and Power strong.

Full Video Library

A comprehensive video library of every exercise used in the Forte Fit platform. 

Tailored Warm Ups

All workout sets come with specific warm ups designed to maximise your time and the efficiency of each workout.

Ongoing Education

Participants will also have access to specific educational material on the importance and application of S&C into cheerleading. 

Ease of Access

Forte Fit is designed for athletes of any level or ability. Laid out for simplicity, the workouts can be completed at home or in the gym. 

Coming Soon...

You can expect great things from Forte Fit. Behind the scenes we're constantly working on new exercises, workouts, platform tools and more.

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