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Total Package

The Total Package is meant to be a complete training tool for teams, staff, and the individual athlete! Check out ALL that's included below!


Forte Fit

Dedicated to the optimization of the cheerleader as a high level athlete. Learn how to strengthen your athlete's bodies for Jumps, Stunts, and Tumbling passes.

5% off In-Person Services

Stunt Clinics, Choreography, Staff Training, Music. We do it all! Get 5% off of these services when you book 3 or more months out. 

Half and Full Year Practice Structures

Don't have an all star director? You don't need one! 90 min, 2 hr, and 3 hr lesson plans posted weekly for your half year teams! Includes some mobility, shaping, conditioning! 

Skills School Staff Training

Consistent staff training with one NEW skill video posted weekly, along with a 5 question quiz! Over 100 archived skill videos categorized to reference for practices or use as continued education on your time! 

Skill Specific Workouts

Within Skills School, we will be posting Skill Specific Workouts (ex. Handspring workout, Round-off workout, Full Up Workout, and more!)

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